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Enjoy the pleasure of having a one on one class or a group. Or, taking the class when you are available. Book at your convenience. Each class (excluding business& state board) is a hybrid class. You will complete your studies online with testing. After passing the written, you can schedule the practical class. The practical class is at a minimum two hours.  We ask you to bring a model or two to help you through the process.  There is a test afterwards. You will receive your certification after completion. Each class with have safety, sanitation, and skin disease. 

Reflexology Therapy

The study of the body that relates to another part of the body.



Learning to perform the procedure, the side effect of the procedure, and who can benefit from it. 



Learn the different forms of exfoliation and how to apply them to your client. Enzyme peel, Chemical peel, Demaplaning, Microderm


State Board Prep_edited.jpg
Stateboard Prep

Getting the student prepare for state board. Guiding them through the process from beginning to end

$ 250


Learning how to use the equipment, the side effect of the procedure, and who can benefit from it. 


Open For Business
Opening a Busness

Want to start a business and don't know how. We are here to walk you through the process!


Learning how to perform:

Body Contouring

Wood Therapy

Radio Frequency


Create your income. You are in control.  Learn how to whiting teeth. Two day process. Hybrid Course training. 


Teeth Whiting
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