Business in the Beauty Industry is a useful step-by-step guide for anyone interested in starting their own business in the beauty industry. It is often the case that people starting and running businesses in the beauty industry delegate vital financial responsibilities to other people. This way they never get to know that what goes on behind the scene of their finances. Moreover, they are unable to appreciate the actual importance of understanding the finances involved in their business. This can have serious consequences for the business and its owner.
This book is specifically designed by the author to introduce people to the intricate world of beauty business finances and procedures. It is charted in simple language and approach which enlightens the reader about all the major themes one needs to know about to understand their beauty business. This is crucial for all the people involved in the beauty industry as understanding the business is key to taking control of it and insulating it to all the adverse consequences which can be possibly brought in when business owners remain incautious about their finances. 
Regardless of anyone’s ability to afford skilled professionals, this book is of paramount importance when it comes to securing the basis of one’s business in order to build a solid empire. 
Topics covered in Business in the Beauty Industry:
Money Sources 
The Revenue Equation
The 1099
Understand your business, Take control of it; you no longer need to gamble on others!   

Business in the Beauty Industry



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