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Operation  Hours

Friday                  8 am- 6 pm

Saturday             8 am -6 pm

Sunday              10 am - 6 pm

VIP Hours

Wednesday 10 pm -3 pm

(No Discounts Allowed)

Personal Hygiene

Always Virus Ready

We are required to use hospital grade disinfectants and sanitizers. Our tools must be submerged for at least 10 minutes in an hospital grade sanitizer. We are required to spray and leave the sanitizer on surfaces for 10 minutes also. We sanitize and disinfect our tools & equipment, and hands after each client.

Cocktails, Friend, Conversation

State Board Guidelines

1. Everyone Must wear a mask.

2. Only Client can enter the spa

3. All Client must have a  temperature for 98.5 degrees.

4.Clients only enter at their appointment time. 

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